Tools, resources and strategies to develop a data-driven workplace wellbeing program

Melbourne | 30 - 31 October 2017
Sydney | 2 - 3 November 2017
Perth | 8 - 9 November 2017
In recent years, workplace wellbeing has risen to the forefront as a critical driver of organisational performance and productivity, and rightly so. Wellbeing is more than civility and feel good initiatives. In a world of change and disruption, wellbeing creates a resilient, clever and adaptable culture that is measurable and positions your organisation as an employer of choice.
You may be on the path to designing a wellbeing environment, or have started building it. When done well, your wellbeing strategy can deliver improved productivity, flexibility and alacrity for your organisation. It is the organisation glue that permits you to manage adaptive challenges efficiently. 
This two-day workshop will equip you with the “How-to” practical knowledge of developing and executing an evidence-based wellbeing strategy. You will gain insights on the legal, psychological and social strategy that underpins it to ensure your program is successful and sustainable.
Key Learning objectives
  1. How to design and support the business case for wellbeing
  2. How to develop an evidence-based wellbeing strategy tailored for your organisation
  3. How to use the law to embed wellbeing into the culture of your own organisation
  4. Evidence collection and assessment for strategy development - The What, When, Why and How to collect evidence 
  5. How to develop and execute a successful communications strategy for your wellbeing programs
  6. How to leverage resource allocation effectively in your organisation
  7. How to utilise data to identify critical gaps and extract actionable insights for smarter decision-making

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